Our Story

Breaking the social and economic disparity cycle in
underserved communities

What will it take to unlock the potential of communities to succeed economically and socially? This question fuels the vision of the 840 Impact, which resides in the heart of the historic Dempsey Travis Realty Corporation building, located at 840 East 87th Street. Inspired by the legacy of Dempsey Travis, a civil activist and real estate mogul that dedicated his life to helping develop marginalized Chicago neighborhoods. His contributions led to increasing access to the mortgage market to close the economic gap. In addition, Travis fought to end redlining practices that discriminated against African American communities. Inspired by his legacy, 840 Impact is dedicated to revitalizing underserved neighborhoods to bridge the economic and social gap by educating and providing access to real estate opportunities.

840 Impact pathways through real estate trades and careers will help communities optimize and build generational wealth. Our organization strives to educate communities on the importance of homeownership, financial literacy, and real estate professional careers offering limitless opportunities to develop a wealth mindset. Driven to break social and economic disparities in underserved communities throughout Chicago, the organization provides innovative programs and resources in real estate industry trades and occupations.

We are committed to advocating for the community and will work diligently to help revitalize and change the narrative for many neighborhoods throughout the city. To help restore and strengthen our communities, 840 Impact will transform the Travis Realty Corporation building into a state-of-the-art facility providing programs and services designed to help strengthen Chicago neighborhoods and develop tomorrow’s young professionals, entrepreneurs, and homeowners.



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