840 Impact seeks to empower communities by providing real estate focused workforce and economic development training services targeting underserved communities and young adults impacted by violence, criminal activity, economic disruption, and educational disinvestment. Driven by our motto, “What Will It Take,” we are committed to empowering our communities by addressing economic disparities caused by factors of violence, education, health, employment, and housing.

Through programming and community partnerships, 840 Impact will provide services to improve career and wealth opportunities to help build resilient communities and generational wealth throughout Chicago. 840 Impact will provide access to innovative resources to promote and create opportunities to foster the next generation of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and homeowners. Our comprehensive services are designed to assist communities with overcoming barriers to prepare for postsecondary education and employment opportunities, attain educational and skills training credentials, and secure employment and homeownership.

We aim to promote and achieve success in our communities through various services and programs to create opportunities in real estate to build wealth and legacies beyond.

840 Pathways Cohort

Provides career exploration services and work readiness training to build successful pathways in real estate trades and careers to generational wealth and homeownership.

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Community Resources

We are dedicated to investing our time and resources in supporting the economic and social well-being of underserved communities throughout Chicago.

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